Frequently Asked Questions

How does artificial grass compare to real grass?

Natural grass requires skill, time, money, product, materials and equipment to keep maintained. Its Artificial range of artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. This ensures that your time outside is spent relaxing and not maintaining your garden.

How long will my artificial grass last?

Its Artificial grass is UV stable and water resistant, our artificial grass is still lasting in some of the harshest climates such as heavy snow and freezing temperatures, to excessive rain and highly exposed heat. Not to mention our grass is completely child and pet proof, safe for young ones and durable for pets. So, no matter the environment artificial grass will last. We offer a 7-year warranty.

What is the lifetime expectancy of artificial grass?

A well-maintained artificial lawn could last well over 15-20 years.

How does water affect the turf?

The grass has a holed backing allowing water to drain straight through. Rain naturally cleans the artificial grass removing the build-up of dirt and dust.

Can you park your car or vehicle on artificial turf?

Yes, you can park on artificial grass providing that the sub base is prepared correctly. Although we would not recommend doing this regularly.

Do you supply and install artificial grass?


Is artificial grass child and pet friendly?

Yes, our artificial grass is the perfect durable and soft surface for children of all ages and pets. We can supply soft underlay for extra child support and safety. Our grass is absolutely puppy proof.

What about maintenance?

Existing customers are entitled to a yearly spring maintenance in which we come and maintain your lawn for a one-off fee.

Does artificial grass get too hot?

When the summer heat is on, artificial grass will heat up more than natural grass and maintain a higher temperature, However this temperature is not anymore unbearable than any other outdoor surface.

Are the joins visible?

A good installation company will ensure that joins are in manufactures tolerance which is generally 2mm.

Its Artificial grasses have been specifically selected based on the ability to deliver a seamless join.

How long does it take to install artificial grass?

We genuinely work to a two man team installing between 15-25 sqm a day.

Does artificial grass colour fade?

It’s artificial colour range is UV stable we therefore, guarantee UV stability and no colour fade on our artificial grass range.

Will you install to my a pre- prepared base?

Yes. We do request a video or photo of the base prior to sending out our team to install the surface.

This ensures that the finished result will be to our customers expectation and our desired quality.

How long has Its artificial been installing artificial grass?

We are one of the few standing companies that has been invoked in artificial grass in stallions well over 15 years and we have been the chosen company for some of the most high profile i stallions across Europe. Having said that we really enjoy installing small back gardens across the fylde coast!

What big projects have you been involved in?

We installed in Berlin, three football pitches of white artificial grass for the Sony IFA awards, project managed start to finish by the company founder Anthony Ascroft.

Does artificial grass drain like real grass?

Yes. Artificial Grass is fully porous and rain water drains through it.

Where can I buy artificial grass?

You can buy Artificial grass online in our shop! Choose from our range of shades and styles to suit your personal tastes. Want to try before you buy? You can request a free sample that will be delivered straight to your door!